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Greetings Effeietsanders,

Nice to meet you and Welcome to Setswana Wikipedia!

Thankyou for your helpful commendation on my talk page. I will continue reverting spam or vandalism whenever possible. I have also managed to find a native speaker of Setswana who is willing to fulfill my request.

You truly seem to have a genuine interest in this Wiki project and I hope it will blossom into something great. I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! --Jose77 09:15, 19 June 2007 (UTC)

Setswana Interface Translation[edit source]

Hi Effeietsanders,

The following translations were given by a native speaker of Setswana, Mr. Thapelo Otlogetswe. Since you are the current sysop here, it would be more convenient for you to translate these messages:

  • Main Page = Tsebe ya konokono
  • Community portal = patlelo ya setšhaba
  • Current events = ditiragalo tsa sešeng
  • Current revision = dipaakanyo tsa sešeng
  • Recent changes = diphetogo tsa sešeng
  • Random page = tsebe e e sa tlhomamang
  • Help = Thuso
  • Donations = dimpho
  • Navigation = tsweletso
  • Search = senka
  • Go = tsamaya
  • Toolbox = lebokoso la dithulusu
  • What links here = ke eng se se gokaganang fa
  • Related changes = diphetogo tse di tsamaelanang
  • Upload file = tsenya mokwalo o o tswang kwantle
  • Special pages = diphetogo tse di faphegileng
  • Printable version = mokwalo o o ka gatisiwang motlhofo
  • Permanent link = kgolagano ya sennelaruri
  • Cite this article = nopola mokwalo o
  • In other languages = ka dipuo di sele
  • Article = mokwalo
  • Discussion = puisano
  • Edit = baakanya
  • History = ditso
  • Delete = sutlha
  • Protect = sireletsa
  • Log in = ikwadise
  • Create Account = ipulela tsebe
  • Create an account = ipulela tsebe
  • Create article = kwala mokwalo
  • Log out = tswala
  • Not logged in = ga o a ikwadisa
  • Move = suta
  • Move page = sutisa tsebe
  • Move this page = sutisa tsebe e
  • moved to = sutela kwa
  • $1 moved to $2 =$1 o sutisediwa kwa go $2
  • Reason = lebaka
  • Watch = lebelela
  • My Watchlist = mafoko a ke a etseng tlhoko
  • My talk = puo yame
  • My preferences = dikgatlhegelo tsa me
  • My contributions = seabe same
  • Summary = tshoboko
  • This is a minor edit = se ke paakanyo e potlana
  • Watch this page = lebelela tsebe e
  • Save page = boloka tsebe
  • Show preview = supa gore go tlaa lebega jang
  • Show changes = supa diphetogo
  • Cancel = sutlha
  • Editing Help = thuso ya go fetola
  • User page = tsebe ya modirisi
  • Username = leina la modirisi
  • Password = selotlolo sa sephiri
  • Re-type password = kwala selotlolo sa gago sa sephiri gape
  • E-mail = E-mail
  • System messages = melaetsa ya maranyane
  • Remember my login on this computer = gakologelwa ikwadiso yame mo khompiutareng e
  • User:Contributions = modirisi:diabe
  • Login required to edit = ikwadiso e a tlhokafala fa o batla go baakanya sengwe
  • View source = lebelela motswedi
  • Message = molaetsa
  • new messages = molaetsa o moša
  • You have new messages on $1 = O na le molaetsa o moša mo $1
  • You have $1 ($2). O na le $1 ($2)
  • == Welcome, $1! == Your account has been created. Don't forget to change your Wikipedia preferences. = *== Amogelesega, $1! == O ipuletse akhaonte. O seka wa lebala go fetola tse o di dikgatlhegelo tsa gago tsa Wikipedia.
*January  Firikgong 
  • February Tlhakole
  • March Mopitlo
  • April Moranang
  • May Motsheganong
  • June Seetebosigo
  • July Phukwi
  • August Phatwe
  • September Lwetse
  • October Phalane
  • November Ngwanatsele
  • December Sedimonthole
  • Sunday Tshipi
  • Monday Mosupologo
  • Tuesday Labobedi
  • Wednesday Laboraro
  • Thursday Labone
  • Friday Labotlhano
  • Saturday Matlhatso
  • Disclaimers = tlhapa diatla
  • Privacy Policy = melawana ya sephiri

Regards, --Jose77 22:16, 26 July 2007 (UTC)

Please see the BetaWiki project, which seeks to make a neutral MediaWiki translation that will then be default for all wikis. That is more useful than only making a local translation. You can ask questions in the IRC channel or in the mailing list. See also m:MediaWiki localisation. Effeietsanders 05:50, 27 July 2007 (UTC)
I already know that. However I do not have such free time on my hands. I guess the interface will be remaining in English for the time being then. --Jose77 06:18, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

Your admin status[edit source]

Hello. I'm a steward. A new policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc.) was adopted by community consensus recently. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on wikis with no inactivity policy.   You meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for 2 years) on tnwiki, where you are an administrator. Since that wiki does not have its own administrators' rights review process, the global one applies.   If you want to keep your rights, you should inform the community of the wiki about the fact that the stewards have sent you this information about your inactivity. If the community has a discussion about it and then wants you to keep your rights, please contact the stewards at m:Stewards' noticeboard, and link to the discussion of the local community, where they express their wish to continue to maintain the rights, and demonstrate a continued requirement to maintain these rights.   We stewards will evaluate the responses. If there is no response at all after approximately one month, we will proceed to remove your administrative rights. In cases of doubt, we will evaluate the responses and will refer a decision back to the local community for their comment and review. If you have any questions, please contact us on m:Stewards' noticeboard.   Best regards, Rschen7754 03:47, 13 Phukwi 2014 (UTC)

Hi Rschen7754,
I actually was under the impression it was removed a little while ago already. I got the buttons back in the days when stewards were actively searching for people to 'look after projects' without an active community. That has changed since :) Feel free to remove. Effeietsanders (talk) 08:34, 13 Phukwi 2014 (UTC)
User:Effeietsanders I think that it was another wiki. But anyway, I will remove your rights, and thanks for your service! --Rschen7754 00:55, 18 Phukwi 2014 (UTC)