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French Revolution

Revolution is time when great or dramatic things happen. French was under a lot of influence where Louis XVI the king of france was not interested in the country. He was only interested in hunting and spending time with his family. Mary Antoinette the wife of King Louis XVI loved expensive things,She didn't love cheap ones and she would fly from france to other countries.

The residents of the country were not happy at all because the paid tax to the priests. What made the residents angry is the state which they were in. There was three type of states-First State-Clergy:They were Wealthy and had power to rule the people;Nobles:They were wealthy and had power but controlled by the Clergy and they paid tax too;Third State-Poor peasants who worked in farms,They had no power to anything,They took instructions to the Nobles and the Clergy.

The country was bankrupted due to what the king was doing. He didn't care about anything he only cared about his family and hunting. What got the company bankrupt is that the King's wife loved expensive clothes. And the country borrowed money to the American government to pay for food,the army and the weapons.

The economy of the country was really bad the country was in debt.

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