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Oarabile Mudongo

As a vivid star i feel much honoured to have had a chance to participate in Setswana Wikipedia Challenge sponsored by Google hosted in the [Republic Of Botswana].My name is Oarabile Mudongo a citizen of Botswana.I pursue my Bachelor_of_Computer_Science with Botho University majoring in Network_engineering_Linux.

I have been contributing to wikipedia since the embarkment of Setswana Wikipedia Challenge till present. Through my contributions in Wikipedia i have edited, translated and wrote many articles in the native language and still have many more errands pending related to Wikimedia projects.This is one of the articles i have known Setswana at first when i entered the challenge. Firstly our wikipedia page had only ten articles written in Setswana but after the challenge many people contributed to the increase number of articles leading upto 500 articles.I absolutely belive in the power of sharing and free access to knowledge for free,it is therefore that my passion for content generation is still upo to this far with Wikimedia movement.As a contestant of the Setswana Wikipedia challenge i emerged the top winner in all the Universities that took part in this challenge in Botswana and as shown in the statistics here Statistics of the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge i was rated the top Wikipedian of the Year locally.Last but not least Google organised a Prize Giving Ceremony for all Participants and the Jury team of the challenge in a form of an award ceremony gazed by many inclusive of the Director of Botho University,as a way of thanking us for the massive work done by Batswana students in improving Wikipedia articles in Setswana. As a grand price winner i was awarded a good number of gifts including Net-books,Android phones etc as i was the top contributor in the Setswana wikipedia Challange.

As a Volunteer Wikipedia Liaison i am as well the founding member of a Wikimedia User group which works in line with the foundation's mission to help generate more content in Setswana Language.There are almost 53 Wikimedia chapters world wide and having only two Wikimedia Chapters in Africa being Wikimedia South_Africa and wiki/Wikimedia_Kenya.Facing all the great challenge we suppose that through motivations from existing chapters we shall keep going to archieve all the set goals to benefit all Batswana and even link up with fellows from South_Africa and Kenya to Activate Africa at large.I entirely focus much into activating African contries and engaging all people to the open movement and develop a reputable encyclopedia to promote open access to free knowledge.

Since i have joined Wikimedia Movement i have participated in quiet a number of projects and meetups inclusive of major conferences such a Wikimania conference, Last year i took part in Wikimania 2012 held up in USA, Washington Dc and also this year i participated in Wikimania 2013 which was held in Hong Kong, Kwoloon. I am looking forward to being a great contributor for the entire movement and hopefuly with set initiatives we are keen to mobilize Wikipedia in Botswana through any partnerships with local organizations to bring local content to people freely.

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