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Puisano ya modirisi:Junior 588

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Go tswa ko Wikipedia

| Leina = junior | Bong=Mosimane Male | Lefelo LA matsalo =Botswana Botswana

Hello, and welcome to my user page. I'm junior

Welcome To Wikipedia[Fetola Motswedi]

You need to start by showing consistent activity on this wiki first. Once you done that, we can start discussing how to make you one. --Mohau Talk 16:52, 7 Firikgong 2019 (UTC) (Junior 588 (talk))on which wiki?? My page??

(Junior 588 (talk) 17:16, 7 Firikgong 2019 (UTC))Mr Mohau I want to make Tswana wikipedia a better place not jus for me but for the people

(Junior 588 (talk) 14:30, 8 Firikgong 2019 (UTC))Mr mohau why is the main page locked i wanted to edit

Mr mohau I need to improve some spelling mistakes on the main page but you are the only who can help me do that 🙏🙏ke ya go kopa(junior 588 talk contribs 15:30, 9 Firikgong 2019 (UTC))

About friends[Fetola Motswedi]

Hi can you help me with something Kasheshe (talk) 06:37, 6 Moranang 2019 (UTC)

Ok sure (junior 588 talk contribs 07:51, 6 Moranang 2019 (UTC))

Setswana[Fetola Motswedi]

A go fepiwa ga barutwana kwa dikolong go botlhokwa? 18:38, 29 Phukwi 2022 (UTC)

Setswana[Fetola Motswedi]

A go fepiwa ga barutwana kwa dikolong go botlhokwa 20:38, 18 Tlhakole 2024 (CAT)[araba]

Setswana[Fetola Motswedi]

Are feeding children at schools important 08:20, 11 Moranang 2024 (CAT)[araba]

Basadi ke baeteledipele ba tlhwatlhwa[Fetola Motswedi]

Essay 21:12, 19 Moranang 2024 (CAT)[araba]

A go botlhokwa gore barutwana ba tlamelwe ka dijo kwa sekolong[Fetola Motswedi]

i zit Important for kids to eat at school 22:21, 23 Moranang 2024 (CAT)[araba]

Tlhamo 05:14, 8 Motsheganong 2024 (CAT)[araba]

Setswana Setswana[Fetola Motswedi]

tlahmo 17:52, 14 Motsheganong 2024 (CAT)[araba]

Setswana[Fetola Motswedi]

a go tlamelwa Ga Bana ko dikobong go botlhokwa 17:53, 14 Motsheganong 2024 (CAT)[araba]