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Taung is located in North West (South African province)
Taung, Bokone Bophirima
Coordinates: 27°32′00″S 24°47′08″E / 27.533333°S 24.785556°E / -27.533333; 24.785556
Naga Aforika Borwa
Profense Bokone Bophirima
Karolwana Dr Ruth Mompati
Masepala Greater Taung
 • Total 20.75 km2 (8.01 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 18,289
Ditlhopha tsa batho[1]
 • Bantsho 98.8%
 • MaKhalate 0.4%
 • MaIndia 0.5%
 • Basweu 0.1%
 • Ba bangwe 0.2%
 • Setswana 89.6%
 • Sethosa 2.8%
 • Sekgoa 1.5%
 • Sesotho 1.1%
 • A mangwe 5.0%
Nomoro ya poso 8584
Nomoro ya mogala 053

Taung ke toropo e nnyane kwa profenseng ya Bokone Bophirima. Lefelo le le theeletswe ka Kgosi Tau wa Barolong. Tau was a warrior who ruled with an iron feist. According to the oral tradition, king Tau was a ruthless military leader, much like Shaka of the Zulu kingdom, who conquered and subjugated the neighbouring groups like the Kora, Bakgalagadi and the Bahurutshe. He treated his own people like slaves, killed the Kora, the San and also members of his own community. Those Barolong that he alienated, because of lack of food, were forced to eat fish from Vaal River, and they were therefore called the Batlhaping (Parson, 1984:47). Tau's attempts to control the Batlhaping brought him into conflict with the Kora who had joined the Batlhaping in an alliance after Tau had killed a Kora chief. The Kora chief's brother, Matsaledi,then ambushed Tau and killed him in about 1760 in Taung (War Office, 1905:8).

Dikgoge tsa kwa ntle[paakanyo | edit source]

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